Easy Integration

We have 2 separate method for integrating plugin with website which can help you connect your website with you google analytics perfectly. Process is easy and fast and require just few clicks and once you complete you will have best analytics data flow to your analytics views.

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Best User Interface

We crafted plugin's user interface for better performance and easy understandable by users. We tried to differentiate all require settings and information in different sections which easy to understand and manageable by users.

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Better Tracking of Events

Our plugin use better and modern techniques for tracking different events on website which help to you get more data to take best decisions. With latest techniques we can able to track internal system events as well which was not easy to track before.

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Optimized for performance

Plugin is optimized for delivering you best performance in terms of tracking, analyzing current configuration and applying your settings. Our Plugin have almost zero impact you current website speed and performance.

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Insightful Data

In this plugin we try to cover essential information and metrics related to your website which help you to better understand how your website is performing on different aspects and it will also help you to take steps how to improve revenue generation from website.

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Proper Documentations

We try to cover all your plugin related possible queries in our documentation section where you can find all require information about plugin. In this section every information is divided base on actual plugin Interface which is easy to understand and follow.

Plugin Documentation

Fast and Efficient Support

We provide email support on your issues and suggestions for plugins. It will usually takes under a day response time on working week. We will love to hear from you.

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